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Fair Play Men's Support Group

Online Support Group for Men Suffering from ‘Fair Play’ by Eve Rodsky.

A support group for men to commiserate and strategize when their wife buys "Fair Play" cards. Such as "Babe, thanks so much, would you like to read Boy Crisis by Warren Farrell Ph.D.?"

Peter Milton

“This group lets me know that I'm not out of my mind, no matter what Fair Play says.”

Peter Milton

Fair Play Men's Support Group

Gaining insights from others.

Discuss and gain insights from other men going through similar experiences in the Fair Play Support Group. Learn to suggest other books and games for your wife to play to learn how hard being a husband is in 2023.

Gaining insights from others

Group guidance.

Use the Fair Play Support Group to gain personalized guidance and resources tailored to each person's specific situation. Learn what's missing from the Fair Play cards.

Group guidance

"Fair Play Support Group makes me feel like I actually do contribute to our home."

Mark Riley

Join our community of men that support each other.